Think it's possible to get her to chase or what? Or should I wait it out, or just walk?

Long story short:

Seeing a girl, whose a friend for 3 1/2 months. Said in beginning: no commitment, each have our freedom, since she just got out of a bad relationship and we started seeing each other a month after. Things are going great. Talk all the time, all day, about any and everything. Sex is great.

She says she pictures us together, being a couple in the near future, meet families, etc. I met some of her family, she met some of mine. They all got along great.

2 week stint comes up we can't meet. She gets slow to respond to texts (unusual) during the 2nd week. We meet with friends - she's nervous. I see her make out with a kid on the other side of the bar. I leave.

She immediately calls me asking where I was, and says what did I expect? She says she wanted to see me, was mad I didn't ask her to. That she wanted to hangout and watch a movie and for me to take it to the next level. That she wanted to meet my parents. she's really sorry and says there's no excuse and she was stupid and never should have faded from me. Says she started seeing the kid that week. I had no clue.

We meet up alone to talk. I tell her how I felt - it hurt to see that, how can she say all the things she says and then do that? Ask her for a little commitment - see where things go, just me and her. Step up like I thought she wanted me to, at least she was saying she did.

We make out for 15 min going home. She calls saying she wants to kiss me and that she feels like she's being rushed.

Calls me the next day saying she can't commit cause she isn't ready, but that she doesn't want to stop seeing me either. She wants to keep things going.

I say we shouldn't talk it'd mess with my head, and I can't stand for seeing others cause I want her. She says she doesn't want to end things, and is very apologetic.

Calls me a night our friends were supposed to meet up (we Haven't spoken), gets mad I'm not going. Texts me when the bar closes "if you expect me to chase you, you're wrong."

What should I do ladies? Is she still interested and really just isn't ready for a relationship? Should I walk for good. Should I see her, and others, and just wait it out? what's the best course of action here? Please. I need advice.

- Zach


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  • I would probably end it with her even though that will be difficult to do. She keeps changing what she says and doesn't seem to be able to make up her mind. She kind of already cheated on you so what's stopping her from doing it again. It kind of sounds like she wants to have her cake and eat it too.


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