Is this being "untrue"?

I met this guy almost two years ago in Colorado- he was nice and we spent a lot of time together and liked each other a lot. The only problem was that I live in Texas and he lives in Washington State. We kept up through texts and e-mails and Facebook, none of my friends or family members really like him. They think he is a player and that I need to move on. We didn't talk for a while and was really hard. During that time I spent some time with a good old friend of mine, I've known him since I was fifteen and we're like best friends. As time went on the first guy came back into my life and wants to be serious- even though right now we are just friends, we had hoped to be able to live closer to each other one day- while I like him this other guy I actually see a couple times a week has begun to mean more to me. I actually have fallen in love with the second one. I just don't know what to do. I like them both, I just happen to care more about the second one, cause this relationship could actually work. It's complicated, I don't want to hurt either one. So I keep conversation with the first to guy to just a text a week. Very minimal. What should I do?


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  • Try to figure out which one you like better. Don't lead both of them on! Try to spend time with the each of them & see which one you'd get along with the most. Or, make a list of pro's & cons about them & see which one you'd be able to deal with. Don't keep them both waiting, otherwise you can lost them both!