Does that mean he got over me that quickly?

my boyfriend and I broke up almost a month ago after a week he already had a new girl he's now living with her..does that mean he got over me that quick or is that just his rebound relationship?


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  • Well it could mean many things. It could be that he's a cheating ass SOB, or that his heart was changing before breaking up, and he had feelings for this girl. It's guys like him that really do piss me off though. They are selfish, and usually don't think of what they're doing to others.

    • yeah it really did kind off hurt me and I wasn't expecting him to be single forever but I didn't expect him to move on this quick its like he never felt anything for me..but he got my name tatted so I hope that at least means something

    • I bet it hurt you. I'm sorry that you had to go through this. It's not easy on anyone no matter how much some say they can handle it. After so long, it does break them down. What makes you feel good though. Sometimes the best way to get over something like that is to do what you love to do.

    • yeahh thank youu tOO :)

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  • Well to be honest, if he's living with her, I don't think it's a rebound relationship. Forget him hun, he ain't worth it. He's completely inconsiderate.

    • thankyOu sO much then I guess its Over nOw huh?

    • Well honey, if he wanted to be with you he would be with you right at this moment. Find someone else who is worth your time. No point in hoping someone will come back when they already have a partner, better yet MOVED IN with them. There are wayy better people out there for ya hun. Good luck :)

    • yeah your so right I guess I was too in love to see that but thanks for clearing up my mind:)