Should I go to prom?

my boyfriend and me are going to prom but I have no group and I'm not a very social person so I don't have that many friends should I go or not?


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  • Do it. Do it big too, be the party animal, or the party crasher. Be that girl who who went a little too far, the girl everyone knows had the most fun. Be anything! be anything but that girl with her back on the wall.

    (btw, what I've found is at dances, it doesn't matter if you're friends with anybody there, nobody cares if you go join their little dance circle)

    • im not crazy at all! ahah I want to have fun but I'm nervous ...

    • Be crazy! Just for one night. Kick those nerves to the curb, girlfriend! Haha. Hell, take a shot or two if you need to loosen up... kidding, someone would probably notice, and you'd probably be in serious trouble, and I don't want to be responsible, haha, but you know what I mean. everyone's nervous, I can assure you.

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  • All you need is your boyfriend! Usually when you go to prom with a group, there will be trouble.

    You will have more fun going with just your boyfriend. I found when I went to dances with a date and their little group they hung out with, it was not fun. Everyone ended up drunk.

    When I went to prom by myself I had more fun. It is what you make it to be.

    Have a fun prom! Don't dance too much and more importantly don't get wasted!

  • Prom is hyped up anyway. I mean I had a lot of fun at prom, but I was kinda intimate with my date and I had a lot of friends. But prom is also kinda overrated. It's not the end if you don't go, so don't think it is.

    • yeah but my mom is always saying you're going to regret not going so yeah I want to go but I want to have fun but I'm shy and not crazy at all...

    • If you think you are going to regret it, go. Honestly if you're really hating it when you get there, you can leave. For me though, even though I had a blast at prom, I think at the time, when I really really liked the guy I went with, I might have preferred going out and watching the moon or hanging out with him. However, you also have to think that you only get 2 chances to go to prom, you can do that anyday, even if you would prefer it.

  • Go I actually regret not going, and just go with your boyfriend