A girl I've been texting had texted me... I just blew a big ass fart!

we were talking about hobbies then we stopped for an hour and a text comes up "i just blew a big ass fart" I have to say I'm kind of shocked but I also understand she has a prankster room mate. how do I answer her text with out making her feel awkward?


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  • Don't worry about making her feel awkward. Girls want you to speak your mind. Reply with, "Um. That's not funny". I hate when people over eight years of age make fart jokes.


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  • haha, you were shocked? Were you "blown away?"


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  • I would just text back, "Was that your roommate that just texted me? LOL". If it was her that actually texted you, then I would text back, "Then I'm glad I'm not with you atm. :P"

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