How long does it take a guy to call a girl back?

If a guy calls just to say hi, what does this mean?

and If a girl calls a guy, how long should it take for him to call her back if he is interested?


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  • If a guy calls just to say hi, it may mean just that cause he was bored.

    And anything from within a few minutes of the call being cut to a few hours or the next morning if you/he fell asleep on the phone.


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  • If a guy calls to say Hi, it probably just means he wants to say Hi. He probably thought of you and wanted to give you a greeting.

    And, if a guy is interesed in a girl he will call her back anywhere from 1-4 days.

    If a guy waits more than a week to call a girl back that he supposively likes then I would question it.