Why does he text me late at night?

my guy friend knows that I like him and we've been texting for a little while and sometimes it seems like he waits til really late to text me, he lives in a different time zone as well, making him an hour ahead of me so it's later for him. last night he texted me around 11:50 and we talked for a little while before he told me goodnight.

any ideas as to why he texts so late?



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  • what is he texting you, is it sexting, he's probably jerk off to your voice :)

    • he uses a lot of smileys when he texts and just to say hi and things like that. occasionally he'll call me cutie or baby but normally we just talk talk lol.

What Girls Said 1

  • maybe talking to you b4 he goes to sleep helps him sleep better. I do the same thing with my boyfriend I sleep better if I text him for a while b4 I fall asleep

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