How long of a window do guys have to "take it to the next level" ladies?

By that I mean, when you're seeing someone. How long do you give them to ask you to be exclusive? (Assume you get along great, sex is good, and you can't stop talking to each other).

And if they don't meet your window - do you try and move on, keep at it, or start seeing other people? Does the window ever close for good?


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  • I think the "window" or "time frame" is different for ever two people that meet.

    I've gotten into relationships as soon as one month and as long as 7 months. So it'll depend on where my mindset is at and hers, also of course our chemistry. Sometimes it's fast, sometimes it's slower... but the important thing is there is no standard.

  • Oh come on! You're giving women way to much control if they OWN you or something! Who said a guy has to ask? There is no "window"...theres high and low interest level...period. Why are the guys 9 times out of 10...the ones with the much higher interest level...jumping up and down yelling..pick me! pick me! Dude...for once think about the girl having to prove herself to you. Don't you have standards too?

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