Am I wrong for going back to the past?

I have known the guy a long time. I took the chance to talk to him. As I wanted to see if we could potentially be more than friends. He talks to me like I'm only a friend so I'm not sure he feels anything more. We grew up together and we went on holiday together and everything. We've always gotten along. He said to me what's going on you alright. I asked him what's he doing with himself and he responded and he then asked about me. He has not replied since twenty minutes ago. He does not know that I feel attracted to him or anything :/ I'm worried he don't feel that for me.


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  • It was a text, just because he doesn't respond instantly or under 5 minutes does not mean anything. Try telling him that you have feelings for him and see where that goes, that should clear it up for you

    • True I guess. I'm scared to tell him. He knows my family. I'm kind of embarassed lol.

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