Why do THEY care so much?

This has always completely floored me and now it's the reason my relationship is "over." So my boyfriend's friends hate me. They don't even know me and have never taken the time to get to know me. I guess they take one look at me and see some horrible person. I happen to think I have more class than any of the whores they hang around with. Heck, maybe that's why they hate me -- because I don't bow down to them. My boyfriend knows that most of them are trash yet he still hangs out with them because he's known most of them since they were like 3. I guess old habits and friends really do die hard. But whatever, for 5 years I've made it work. But lately, he has been treating me like crap -- like he's up and decided he's too good for me. So I've had enough. Even though it's been hard as hell, I've been pretty much ignoring him. I'm sick of him being 2 faced and I hate trying to guess when he's going to be himself or he's going to be an ass. I'm sick of his friends talking about me! They all do, the guys and the girls. And they say stuff when I'm a foot away. They pretty much say shit to my face. But you know what?! It's gotten WORSE since this little breakup. I deleted all of them from my little facebook thing and made everything completely private, which seems to fuel the fire even more. I want them to leave me alone. If we're together, they talk about me ; if we're "not" together,they talk about me. It's the cause of all this shit. When it's just the two of us alone, he's so real. I don't hate him and I don't want to just give up but something has to change. I don't know what to say though. I can't ask him to choose between me and them. What exactly do I say? I know it won't always be like this, come graduation day everyone is going their separate ways but until then I am stuck dealing with this shit for 67 more days (plus weekends).


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  • maybe you should try to find out ho his friends feel about you? why they feel that way? I mean honestly try to reach out to them? but you have to be aware of how you are talking to them.. do not say the more class then those trashy girls etc etc.. really try to be understanding and even a brown nose a bit to see what's up with them.. remember they are guys blaaa the pride thing they have going on goes a long way.. try to start off like that.. tell him you don't like that you don't get along with his friends.. and want to try to get along with them.. you don't like that you split him up into you and me time and him and friends time.. you care for him enough that you want to know the people he cares about as friends.. or friends who care about him too... and see what happens..?

  • If you need to know what to say, then say exactly what you just said to us. You don't hate him, you want it to work but his friends and the way he is acting is making it hard. Tell him you don't want to make him choose, and that you are not going to make him choose. The best thing to say, is what you can say to yourself. Be honest to him, to yourself, and to what you think is best. Be flexible, but you already have been for the past 5 years. I wish you luck with the next 67 plus weekend days. And, if it's the same as it was for my friends and my ex, the guys care because 1) You might take up all his time. 2) They like you and are jealous. 3) They are just jerks.

    The girls care 1) They like him. 2) They are jealous because you are prettier then them. 3) They love him and are just watching out for him. 4) They are just rude.

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