Ok..So I'm going on my first real date tomorrow...out to dinner..is a dress appropriate?

Ok...it may be a bit pathetic that I'm 28 and going on my first real date (besides the time where a guy told me to take him out to dinner and I did...and payed)...I just got really tired of being alone...so yesterday I made a dating profile (I've made them before, but was interested In NO one)...but this one guy I'm at least interested in...he asked if I wanted to get dinner...to see if there is any chemistry...and I agreed. He's looking for a long term relationship, as am I...he is 31...and starting nursing school...that's one thing I'm a bit reluctant about...I didn't tell him I'm in med school...but it's just a preliminary sort of meeting to see if there is anything...

So...question: Is a dress look like I'm trying to hard if we are just going out to dinner? I was thinking of something casual...please see my pics on my profile...I was going to wear something like that...

Thanks : )


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  • It's OK that you're 28 and going on your first date. I didn't lose my virginity until I was 20 and most guy age have lost it by 16. I'm 23. You're fine. And yes...a dress is OK, just keep it modest. It's only a first date, you don't want to come off as if you're looking for sex---or are you?

    • No..I'm not and I made it very clear to him that I'm not looking for a "good time"...but an actual relationship...

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    • Love your maturity on this question, really makes my day

    • Look, I apologize for acting like a jerk...my comments were uncalled for...I'm sorry. Thanks for your help.

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