How to keep your thoughts on track and not focus entirely on your SO?

I am struggling internally with maintaining my priorities in life and accomplishing goals that I had set before the relationship. I had several goals set for the year and I have put them aside since I started dating 3 months ago. It's not because I am incapable of accomplishing them, but it is moreso a reality that is I can't keep my mind off of my girlfriend. How do you keep your focus and not let your thoughts dwell on one thing?


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  • you have to set aside at least one day during the week and just make yourself do what you need to do. I am guilty of this. when I first started dating my boyfriend I would slack off on work for school. I actually talked to him about it and told him I was weak lol I needed help saying no to seeing him. still have trouble after over a year because we want to be with each other everyday. it really helped when I asked him to help focus me.

    • Thank you very much for the response! I'm looking through ideas for improvement because I'm truly nervous about what will happen if I don't find some direction for myself away from her. One more question if you don't mind, what do you do if your mind is overwhelming you with thoughts of your bf?

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