Am I an Idiot for not being with him?

Me and this guy have been dating for about a month, and we are close like we have been together for 6 months, its crazy the chemistry we have and we are so compatible. We can't get enough of each other, we talk all day and we see each other as much as we can, if he isn't around I miss him. But its scary to me that we are like this in only a short period of time. Everything flows so perfectly and we have never had any awkward moments! He really likes me a lot and he's so good to me, sex with him is awesome, I'm just nervous if we make things official things will change...Am I being crazy by being scared by this and not being with him. He's told me he wants to be with me many times and he says he will wait for me to decide because we both know this is all so fast. I didn't mean for this to happen...It just did! And now I don't know what to do? Also, I Haven't dated anyone in over a year after me and last boy friend broke up, I forogt what its like, is my scenario something really good and rare?


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  • After reading definitely do have a fear about the "spark" being gone once the two of you become official, because you're thinking "the spark came so fast, so it will leave just as quickly".

    I will definitely say...absence does make the heart grow fonder. Not intentionally ignoring each other, but having a balance of "together" time and "apart" time.

    Once, I went on an RV camping trip with my family for 4 days. My girlfriend, before I left, was being a bit clingy with me being gone for so long, cauz we've seen each other everyday before that trip.

    I didn't contact her much because we were so busy. When I got back we realized how much we loved each other and we were even closer. :)


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  • Just take it slow...don't rush. That will ruin things.

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