Am i just a hook-up for him?

I met a guy seven months ago and we became fast friends. He seemed like a nice and caring guy with a good job, bad-ass car, own place, life in check, etc. We both came from similar backgrounds and we could relate to a lot of stuff despite our age difference (I was 18 at the time, he was 26. Now I am 19 and he is 27). I thought I found the perfect guy, so of course when he started showing he was interested in me, I was overjoyed. We made out, but suddenly things took a wrong turn. I was still a virgin, and he started wanting me to having sex with me pressuring me and threatening me that he wouldn't talk to me anymore if I wouldn't.

Because I thought he cared about me, I slept with him and he was my first so obviously my feelings changed and I started to LIKE him. We did it once more before he stopped talking to me so I wondered where I went wrong and fell into a slump. I got out of it but suddenly he came back and started talking to me again. Of course I was pissed and asked him where he saw us going. He said he saw us more than friends but he wasn't ready to be in a relationship and that if I never wanted to see him again he would understand but if we did hang out he said he would want me. I was confused but thought it was okay. So I ended up talking and sleeping with him again. But this time it was different because his attitude has changed. He's not as much as a douchebag like before and he actually attempts to talk to me like he did before we had sex and treating me like a person. He's helped me with a lot of stuff emotionally and physically so he's obviously a part of my life. Now this is what I don't understand though. I asked him honestly if he ever saw us dating, and he told me yes, and when the time comes I would be the first choice out of the other girls he's seen. Yet I know for a fact he hooks up with other girls, so am I on the backburner or just a hookup? Plus he like takes long periods of time off after we hang out and suddenly pops up at the worst times. I just need some advice please!


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  • This is why you shouldn't go out with older guys. He says the same thing to every young girl, and you fell for it. He just wants sex, period! Sure he'll be nice so long as you give him what he wants...

  • have you ever heard this words "if you love two girls at the same time ,donot choose the first one but the second one ",so if you are not the only one loved by him or you are the first one ,just forget him and I belive if he is really a good guy ,he wonot do that to you . wise ! when you are in love with someone ,ur IQ will come to zero so think twice before you do anything meaning a lot to you .


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