Boyfriend doesn't ask me to hang out anymore?

Yeah, me with the "recent boyfriend" again :)

Short background again: I met a guy, things went great, couple of dates, we kissed, he texts me everyday, every night he texts me a goodnight. We've been official for a week now but there's one problem, for me. I ask him to hang out a couple of times and the last couple of times he said he was busy, I was like OK, no problem, next time then :)

Problem is, he doesn't ask me anymore to hang out. Last week he asked me twice, since last Saturday I asked him 3 times.

I'm seeing him in an hour or two, we're going to the same bars but he didn't even tell me he was going, he didn't ask me to go with him.

Why isn't he asking me to hang out anymore? He introduced me to all his friends, holds my hand and kisses me in public. I just don't know? Is it because he knows I'll ask every time?


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  • It honestly sounds like he isn't into you as much as you are him.

    Guard your heart and be careful.

    Guys won't wait for you to ask them...If they want to see you, they will ask you.

  • If he asked you out and your official, you don't have anything to worry about, he wouldn't just ask you to be his Girlfriend just because, he's unto you, maybe you just need to chill and stop asking him, wait for him to ask you.