Is the speed of a guys reply to texts related to how much he likes her?

Well guys, is it? I think it might be.. it seems the guys who really really like a girl reply quickly whereas a guy who isn't as keen takes up to hours to reply. What if a guy who was replying quite quickly at first nowadays takes a lot longer? does that mean he's scared she'll get too attached? Also, if a guy only likes a girl as a friend then he'll reply quicker than he would a romantic interest right?


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  • I don't think you should worry about it one way or the other.

    I usually have my phone nearby all the time, and respond whenever I get a message from anyone.I also take a lot of naps, which make me respond later. I also leave my phone in my room when I'm at home, and miss some then. I don't text if I'm driving, so that takes longer.

    Plus, some guys will wait on purpose just to make it seem like their not interested. These are stupid mind games that need to stop.

    Bottom line, I reply whenever it is most convenient to me, regardless of who sent me a message.

    • Me either, I don't text and drive. If message is that imperative that needs to respond back right away, I pull over, otherwise, it can be waited till I reach my destination. And sometimes I don't leave my phone on all the time bec it runs out of battery too quickly

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  • No, they are not related.

    Any more than a girl refusing to initiate with a guy means she doesn't like the guy.

    We expect girls to be nervous and wait for guys to make the first move.

    You need to expect that guys do not communicate like girls.


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  • From my experience if a guy is into you he will text back quickly, and he will worry if you don't reply quickly. But don't worry if he takes forever to get back to you, he could have a good reason. The best thing is not to obsess over how much time it takes for him to reply. Your time is better spent focusing on face to face contact or the content of his messages to figure out if he is into you.