Should I say something or no? PLEASE HELP!

last time I saw my long distance boyfriend was two weeks ago. he's been really busy with his job and school and we've been fighting a lot because I felt like he wouldn't make much time for me when I came into town or we didn't talk much. he thinks I'm just picking fights with him and that he hasn't said anything about my outbursts to him because he was trying to be "nice" and thought this was what I wanted. he says I should be more understanding.

anyway, we talked and I told him how frustrated I was at him and resentful, and he said he understands my frustration, but said that we just need to be patient and wait until summer when it's easier and we have more time. I told him it bothers me that we don't talk that much and it seems like he doesn't care, and he says that it's not like that at all, and that he doesn't ignore me. my biggest thing was that I would drop everything to go see him, even though I'm 2 hours away, and he would only do so when he had time, or if I was in town, he'd be tired or we'd see each other, and we wouldn't talk the rest of the time I was there. odd.

he asked me what exactly did I want, and I said I didn't exactly know. I just want to feel like I have an actual boyfriend who cares, and he just thinks I yell at nag at him and get mad for no reason on things instead of just talking it out. when we parted, he wished me luck on my exams and wanted me to do well, and we'd pick things back up in the summer. I texted him after he left cos I still wasn't secure about what we discussed and I told him basically I'd be patient, but not to be shown that he can't be bothered to give any of his time, and he just said sorry for forgetting about me one weekend. and I told him I'm not into friends with benefits if that's what he's thinking and he said he came over just to spend time with me, not to reap any benefits. and that was it.

i called him the next day to tell him I was back in school, and wished him luck in school, and he said thanks. he said hello to me a couple days later, and told me about how he got picked up for a pro team for his gaming and I congratulated him. and a few days later, I just sent him a 'thinking of you' text. but all this week, my finals week at my school, we have not spoken at all.

um, should I call him or text him? or just wait until I get home in 3 days? I guess we're on a break?


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  • You're asking him for waht he can't give you. This isn't a sound approach...Wait the 3 days and talk to him. To me, he sounds like he's being reasonable with you. You can't awlays be someone's only priority, especially when you're apart like this.

    Try to just do things that make you thik of him--knit him a sweater!


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  • Because I know your situation personally, I agree with martyfellow. You're trying too hard to hang on to something that you don't have, and you don't really want. You really need to take a step back from this. Just be friends. Do you think you can maintain a friendship? If so, then do it. If not, then your relationship is doomed anyway. You really need to take a step back, get your own lives in order (him too), and THEN slowly work back into the relationship - if you both feel it's right.