Online Dating: What do guys like to see on a female's profile?

What do guys look for when you view a female's profile? What kind of profile makes it a turn off.


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  • Dont put any picture of you drunk, arms all over guys at a bar or club...No idea why some people put that trash up makes them look retarded...

    Dont have one of those angry profiles either like so many girls... "don't contact me if your this or that"

    "all the guys on here are pigs..."

    Put that stuff up and your not going to get any good guys contacting you. I see that stuff and I just laugh... because its counter productive


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  • Information about her works.

  • Don't put any message saying don't contact me if or anything like that. We just want to know about you.

    What you do for work, sports you play and how you like spending your spare time.

    Photos should be of you by yourself and in a nice out fit is always good.

    PS I have asked the same question asking what girls look for it would be great if you could help me out.

    • I am glad I am not online dating any more really. I think most of us go for the "bling" profile. I found the right one for me by choosing the guy who was opposite to the guys I always chose and he is an A++

  • Don't leave a stupid section that says "don't message me if..." and if you're not serious don't make one in the first place, most girls I think just make one for attention


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