Where do guys hang out?

If you were a 19-ish year old guy, attractive & not into drinking/getting high, looking for a girl, where would you go? (in the US).

If a couple of cute but kinda awkward blondes approached you, would you talk to them?


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  • The library haha. I don't know. If I was looking for someone who doesn't drink or get high I'd have to look on an online dating site or I would have to hope to cross paths with someone like that by chance.

    Would I talk to a couple of cute blondes that approached me? Well it would be rude not to ;D

    • You seriously hang out at the library? Like when you go out, you go out to the library?

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    • No I'm not asking about dating sites. I'm asking where do you guys actually hang out?

    • I don't think there is any where specific that guys like that hang out. No matter where you go you will find a mix. Although Roryrst could be right in assuming church groups.hmmm

      Personally, you would find me in the gym or running outside. Although I'm not technically looking, that is where I would look to find a girl like me, especially since I don't really have any real free time at the moment.

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  • probably a church, sounds like no sex before marriage to me but if that's what you are looking for then that's your ticket. Good luck

    • No. I'm cool with sex, I'm just not into partying and going to clubs/bars and I wouldn't get along with someone who is really into that, and I absolutely despise going to church...

    • ok the cross church off your list for sure. I don't know you can meet guys who don't drink at bars... it sounds stupid but maybe some guy is 18 and his friends who already turned dragged him along to watch a game.

  • I like coffee shops and 24-hour pancake houses. Then there's the gym and church.

  • Church groups or colleges, especially if they don't drink or smoke.

    • Colleges in the US? They are only full of guys that do both. Or ugly weirdos...

  • Where ever there interest is at... skateparks, gyms and whatnot and chances are they'll be in the same places socially with people that do drink and get high as I speak for myself I just don't take part


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  • You can't really tell if a guy smokes/drinks depending where he hangs out.

    Of course you can minus out a bar or the club atmosphere but besides that,

    its a free for all kind of thing.


    A) Restaurants

    B) A park (where young men jog, play ball, or hang with their friends), themepark.

    C) Bowling alley/ the pool hall.

    D) The gym

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