Are guys sincere when it comes to respecting a woman's morals?

This guy and I have been texting a lot and have met up in person..

However, our text messages have gotten quite racy and inappropriate and so the other day I told him over text that I'm not that type of girl who does that kind of thing etc etc. He responded back saying "I don't want to sleep with you at this time" and I told him thank you for respecting me etc and he said "I'm not a douche bag that why I'm probably still single at the moment" ...if he's still willing to text me, should I continue seeing him? Were his answers sincere?


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  • no

  • some guys do respect girls morals, I certainly do. I don't think you can judge someone on a few text messages. they can mean something or nothing. the only way too find out what sort of guy he really is, is to get know him for long time. true colors eventually show after a period of time.

    being fake is like a wearing mask, the paint starts to fade, its starts to get holes cracks. until eventually its not wearable anymore, and then you can start seeing the real face. masks and being fake fade's over time.

    he only find out what he is like by getting to know him, not giving him what he wants, and only when you are ready. if doesn't his true colors will start showing. then say goodbye too him. its up to you how long you want to keep him waiting?


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