Girls/Guys, if you got drunk at prom, do you do it in your prom dress/tuxedo or not?

If you have already been to prom and drank alcohol, did you do it at prom or at the after party? If so did you do it in your prom dress/tuxedo or did you go home and change first?

Would it depend on if what you were wearing was a rental or not and on how much you were planning on drinking?
when I put "If so did you do it in" by it I meant drinking, just to clarify.


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  • I drank before in my dress (I bought it) then went home and changed and went to a party that wasn't prom related.

    • When you said you drank in your dress, what were you drinking?

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    • So if it had been a high school/prom party, would you have still changed?

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  • yeah I think it's hot to get f***ed while wearing a formal dress

    • I compelety agree, that's one of my dreams, to do a girl in a formal dress.

    • Did you do that at prom?

    • Has that happened to you?

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  • after party, change