What would you think if your boyfriend/girlfriend didn't return your call?

I just wanted to know the opinions of you out there if your boyfriend or girlfriend didn't call you back after you tried calling them. Although you didn't leave a message, don't you think it's just common courtesy to return the call? Even if just out of curiosity. Would you take it as a bad sign? Would you feel clingy trying to reach out to them again?


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  • Frankly, I would feel upset.

    I know he's busy but taking 5 minutes to call just to let me know what's up does not hurt or just send a text message.

    I would wait a few hours before calling or texting again, so I don't come off as being clingy.

    Also, I really dislike it when my boyfriend doesn't tell me that he's busy. Especially during the weekends. - I don't like sporadic texts or calls. It's not hard to say "I'm busy, text you later." - If he doesn't I'll keep myself busy, but it will be in the back of my mind knocking.

    If the guy doesn't return my call or some sort, I would feel as if I'm not important enough for him too. Though, that's just me wanting acceptance from my boyfriend.

    Saves time and heartache, just to let the girl or guy know. Anything can happen to a person.


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  • You know I've learned not to be clingy but still in the back of my mind I think "he must be doing something REALLY important that he can't call me" I think its polite to return the phone call, but since I never do I don't expect much from anyone else. I hate talking on the phone.

    I would feel clingy yeah, isn't everyone just a little bit? We're all humans and we're allowed to feel that way I like to believe.

  • Hmm perhaps a little disappointed.


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