Ever have an embarrassing date or situation during a date?

The above question. Mine just happened. I took a girl out to dinner and then for a long walk together on some trails. usually when I go to this restaurant I usually have to go to the bathroom within a few hours later (#2), so I went #1 before we left cus I drank a lot of water. Then we went for a walk for a few miles and about a mile and a half away from the dorms (we are in college) I felt the runs coming on real bad. So we headed back to the dorms and I had to ask her to go inside since I couldn't hold it in any longer to use the bathrooms (unstoppable urge to go). Nothing like this has ever happened to me before and luckily I made it to the bathroom and she was cool about. Even got a nice hug good night.


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  • a girl felt my **** and laughed and said I was a bit lost down there... now I'm just a depressed no life... this this situation was to happen again I think I may be close to killing myself or just have no emotion for the rest of my life. I won't actually care probably end up being a bum

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