Girls: How often do you expect your guy to message you?

How often do you expect a guy who is chasing you to message you? Will you expect him to initiate a conversation over sms or save it for a date?


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  • everyday...because if I like someone id want to talk to them everyday...some people think I'm crazy to think that but I've been with my boyfriend for a year now and he still texts me good morning everyday. and if I don't see him he says goodnight or calls me. some people don't do that, but I expect it and found someone who expects the same.

    • Thanks for answering! I heard that guys should not be too 'needy' by messaging his girl too often, so is there a difference between being needy and cute when sms-ing?

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    • Thanks! your answer helps lots!

    • Oh good! That's why I'm here. Good luck! Thanks for best answer :)

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  • I would expect him to start the convo over texting most the time...and sms? Really that's like blackberry ages :P

    • So what do you use to message your friends? Whatsapps?

  • i would expect him to text me, a good morning text is nice

  • every other day.


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