Is the third date the test?

To see where it all progresses? he waited a day, then has been texting me constantly and planning more dates. We haven't gone far just make out and no under the clothes yet and he says he just doesn't want me to be uncomfortable and says how much he liked just the making out, didn't push or even mention sex.

We tease and flirt a lot but also have serious discussions. He cuddles me too and is affectionate.

It will be two weeks tomorrow. I think it is looking good, maybe even potential for a relationship?


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  • That's going to be largely dependent on how you feel about it and less about what people here might think of it. To me that all seems like the beginning of a relationship. Though, if you didn't feel that way, it wouldn't be. If it feels like a good thing to you, go with it. I wouldn't say there's a definite time frame for testing a relationship. Both of the two most significant and longest relationships in my life began from less. I dated one girl for a year and a half once, and I asked her out the second time I ran into her. Crazy things happen. Just feel it out. You know if it's right or not.

  • I'd say it sounds like a relationship. He's wanting more than just sex. If he was after sex, then the making out would start leading to undressing you. Taking it slow is the best way.

    • people can want sex right away, & a relationship. wanting sex, doesn't mean, he doesn't want a rel. just like not pushing sex, doesn't secure intentions. its just superstition people use to make themselves feel like they know something.

      QA no one here can tell u, how you guys will end up. but you're happy now, so just go with it.

      keep in mind, its up to BOTH of u, when/ if it becomes a relationship-its not _his_ decision.

      Relationship, isn't just liking someone. you have to want a _relationship_.

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