Have you dated online? Share your worst story (or two)....

I've tried online dating on and off over the last year with no success and quite a few weird dates, odd scenarios, and just out right craziness...

What has your experience been from online dating and do you have any interesting stories to tell?


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  • Well, I used to go to this chat site, where I talked to a girl, one year older than me, really pretty and all, but she had a boyfriend, of course.

    But I continued to talk to her, because it was fun, and we got along quite well. After a while, she slowly started to admit that she liked me, and I her, but she still had that boyfriend of hers, so I tried not to make anything out of it, didn't work for long, so we became almost like a long distance couple, she even broke up with her boyfriend, though we'd never met, only talked online, and over phone.

    Sadly, it ended one day. I was gaming wow with my friends on a LAN party, logging on MSN to talk to a guy who I was going to discuss wow with. When I logged on, a message from her popped up instantly, she wanted to talk, I replied for a while, but my friends sitting on my sides were watching the other conversation, so they urged me to just say I'd have to go, and block her just till I was done with my day of gaming. Of course, she had two accounts, one "fake" which she gave to people she didn't trust, which I'd had because she didn't trust me when we first started to talk.

    Anyway, she logged the other, and found me online, got mad, really mad, blocked me on both addresses, never took / returned my calls, and I don't think she even read my 20 something messages.

    Didn't ever talk to her again, before a year or more later, when I met her, on a holiday near her area. That was quite an awkward meeting, after that she forgave me, but both had moved on, and was in a relationship.

    Not really net dating, but as close as I've ever been.


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  • Honestly I've been trying it for awhile now, I havnt been able to even get a single date, I feel its hopeless for me.

    • Guess the guy vs girl idea is correct. I could get a date every night, get laid every night, well or possibly get raped quite often, not sure... The ones that seem to actually want to meet are CrAzy...

    • Pretty much so, and I suck at approaching girls in real life so I'm doomed :c

  • Moved to another state for a girl from gag. It is going OK so far but we have some issues. Had met one girl from yahoo and she lied about her age and appearance and that was short lived. That was like 12 years ago.


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  • Hi there, I have online dated for some time. Contrary to popular belief of men I went online because I am a beautiful woman and I got tired of men that just approached me because of my looks and I did not post a picture (men always think that women that don't post pictures are ugly but I just got tired of being approached for sex lol). Now I will say that like everything else in life you get what you give. I noticed a vast difference in other online dating sites than compared to eHarmony. It was evident to me that they were more relationship based and because of the pricing it weeded out some of the men that were not really serious. I too had several dates with people that were great guys just ended up not being a match for me. I was getting ready to hang it up when I met fell inlove and married my husband from eHarmony. We ended up only being a few blocks away from where I frequented when I was in college. I am very pleased with my outcome. I say stick to it but it sounds like you need to be more selective of who you choose to go out with. I talked to men for weeks online, then the phone for weeks before I met them, in my mind there was no point in seeing someone face to face if you didn't already know they were a possible stay away from the men that ask me for my number on the first conversation, I stay away from the men that wanted to meet me right away and most of all if they had a problem with it and stopped talking to you then let them go. In the online world if you treat your phone number and your time like how soon you would not have sex with someone you can't go wrong. If you give up things easily this is how you will be judged and with that you will know that you have someone that feels you are worth the wait and will keep talking to you even after you say that you are not comfortable providing your information so quickly and you want to get to know them first. If he doesn't respect this then that's a sign that he would not care about your comfort in the future. Hope this helps. God Bless

  • ive been online dating for one year

    its fun if you hav a great personality

    and I've actually met a lot of them..theyr cool guys but

    some are married some just want sex some don't like me as much as I like them..

    it was a fun experience

    i do not recommend it on the long term because you can become an online freak which stops you from going out and actually meeting face to face which may be awkward at first but its fun as time goes

    ive met about 10 guys this year and about 3 last year from online dating websites..guess I'm lucky and I'm still young

    dont worry with time you shall learn and get enough experience

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