Should I start sending her messages or what?

Okay there is this girl who I've fell in love with lately, I don't know her well but she is really beautiful. She is two years younger than me and when I see her I always seems to get eye-contact with her. Like she is already watching me. We don't got to the same school anymore so I don't really see her often. So I though if I like on of her Facebook photos she might get the hint that I like her. So I've been waiting for her to start sending me message or like one of my picture as a confirmation that she likes me. But she haven't yet. So should I just move on? I know that if a girl I don't know really well like one of my pictures she likes me. What would you do?


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  • It's rather immature (not saying you are), not to mention hopeless playing this game where you wait for her to "like" your Facebook photo to know if she likes you. It's unreliable and likely not gonna happen.. send her a message or better yet, say hi in person. See how she response, make conversation and then you will know how she feels. No one wants to play mind games like this and you will never know how she feels, so just say hi, it makes you seem friendly so you are not risking anything And she may like you too and be waiting for you to talk to her :)

    • You are so right, when you say it, it is really stupid actually. thank you

    • no problemo. good luck, you seem like a lovely guy, let her get to know that!

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  • Maybe wait a few days, if she doesn't show interest move on