He likes me too much?

I've been texting and talking to this guy I met at a house party and recently he just stopped texting me because apparently he thinks he "likes me too much". What does he mean? And I like him too so what should I say to him so we can talk again? Should I start texting him again because I've never actually like initiated text with him.


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  • He may be afraid of/wary of relationships because he was hurt or because he's never been in one or because he thinks they make you weak or a plethora of other reasons. Maybe he's just not looking for something serious right now and he feels like he would want things between you and him to be serious. Lots of guys in your age range are more looking to have fun with girls they don't care all that much about romantically. Especially if you met him at a party, it's likely he just wants to have fun. If this is the case he's really doing you a favor.

    He may also just not really be interested in you and that's the best way in his mind to go about cutting you off. Just another possibility.

    Hope this helped a bit.

  • It's possible that he is afraid of relationships because someone hurt him.

    • Thanks but then why would he ask for my number in the first place?

    • He probably didn't anticipate actually having a connection with you. If he didn't like you then anything that he did with you would be without risk of getting hurt. liking/loving someone is dangerous.

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