What did my guy friends mean?

What does it mean when my guys friends say that there are pros and cons of hanging out with me?

i then asked them what they were (they know I don't get mad about them teasing me anyway), and one of my guy friends told me that I don't want to know. Like they wouldn't tell me the pros or cons.

they also tell me that I'm a chic magnet for them. ?


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  • Hard to say with such little info. If you are attractive maybe the pro is that they get to check you out when you aren't looking. They may have thought, you might think they are perverts or something so didn't tell you. Maybe the con is that women get jealous of them hanging around you.

    As for being a chic magnet, I am going to guess you must be very attractive, for this is true. When some women see a man with a woman more beautiful than herself, she sometimes approaches the man, just in order to prove her own worth compared to the more beautiful woman.

  • Well, everyone have their good sides, and bad sides, no one's perfect, I don't think you should worry about it too much.
    It's like my girlfriend, she's got pros and cons as well.

    Pros, she's fun, kind, weird, she's good at cooking etc.

    Cons, she's good at being mad for small things, which I don't even know she's mad about, and she doesn't tell me. She likes to bite, and can't help it sometimes(I really hate pain in general)..

    There are pros and cons with anyone, for you, maybe they think you're pretty, fun, sharing. But on the other hand you might be a little annoying at some points, maybe you're a little scary at "that time of the month"? All examples of course. I wouldn't really know anything about you C:

    But as I said, don't let it get you, they're just joking with you, I'm sure the cons are much fewer than the pros, else they wouldn't be with you. C:


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