Great date, next day she ignores me

This girl messaged me on a dating site. We talked for 2-3 days before she offered me her number. We chatted a lot for 2 days before meeting up Saturday. We had a great the end she asked me if I could hang out with her Tuesday. She even said I was the best guy she's ever chilled with from the site.

I text her Sunday, she's very short with me. I got 3 texts...all of which were within 30 min of each other. The last was 11am. I text her good night and she didn't respond..but 10 min later I saw her on the dating site. Is that a clear sign?

I also text her this morning and asked if we're still on for Tuesday.

What do you think? What would you do?

She said she's very busy this week but after texting her and then finding her on the site...its like what do I think?

I still haven't heard anything since 11am yesterday, which is weird considering she was really chatty all the days prior to the date.
Its a dead issue. I figured out she's not gonna hit me back and why. Its because I smoke weed...and I was honest enough to tell her that and she said she didn't care. I just looked at her profile and she edited it and said weed is a drug and if you do it I'm not interested. So lame.


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  • she must not have been aware of you smoking weed prior to the date. or if she did she went out with you to be nice, and thought maybe other things would overshadow that. it was a deal breaker for her. she doesn't want to be with someone who smokes weed. its all personal preference and she can't get past the weed issue. move on. don't dwell on it and over analyze. plenty of girls don't mind certain things so find one that doesn't care. I wouldn't broadcast it but it is taboo somewhat so you may want to disclose of this information early on to avoid this situation again or quit lol best of luck!

    • I agree completely. I don't think she knew either. I personally feel the same way about weed and I don't even bother with people that do it. It's my personal preference. Most sites allow you the option to say "no drug users" etc so that it blocks people from even viewing it etc. I do think she should have put that on her site to begin with so that she doesn't give any poor guy the wrong impression or get his hopes up.

    • she knew half way through the date and then at the end of the date asked ME to hang out again.

  • Did you tell her that you smoked weed before, during, or after the date? If it was before, then shame on her. She shouldn't have wasted your time. I feel the same way about it but in no way am I going to lead someone on by saying I don't care when I do. I'm up front about it. If you said it during, or, she smelt in on you (no offense but people like me that don't like it can smell it no matter how much you try to cover it up!) or perhaps in your car, that was probably a deal breaker. She was still at fault however, for leading you on. If you told her afterward? Then yea, for sure, deal breaker.

    • I told her half way through the date. She said she didn't really care.

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    • Yea, that sucks, she shouldn't have said that. I'm very honest about my distaste for that and could not imagine leading someone on like that. I'm really sorry

    • Thanks. It's whatever I guess. It just sucks, more time and money spent only to be wasted over something I think is stupid. It especially sucks with her because she was mad cool and I really connected with her right off the bat.

  • she is too busy with dateing guys from the site.

    and she may forget that date on Tuesday., so if you want to date her, then call and tell her that about the date ," busy" people are forgetful

    • No we even talked about that and she said she only wants to date one guy at a time. I text her this morning and asked her if we're still on. No answer yet. Can't call her..she's working.

    • then go on with your feeling, if you like her, and want to go on with her, just give her a bit trust.

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  • forget that girl,dude

  • Sorry, you blew it. If it makes you feel any better, I've blown it before with girls myself.

  • You were the only one who thought the date..and you were great. Besides you're just like all the other fools who call or text the next day...just to check in... Come on man!

    • No she said she had a great time and she asked me to hang how am I the fool?