If a date goes really well and a guy tries to sleep with you is that not boyfriend material?

went on a date with this guy and it went really well after we made out he tried to go farther and I didn't want to, but I was just wondering if that's a red flag on a first date to try to go as far as possible?


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  • Yeah, definite Red flag. =j

    Honestly, my first girlfriend, we didn't kiss for at least a month or two. ~Gasps~ yeah, I know, people don't think that's possible. well we made it 18 months and didn't even sleep together. =j So... I suppose it depends on who you are? But I'd think sex outside of marriage isn't a great idea.


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  • It can be a bit of a red flag, but if you're interested in him then just keep observing his behavior and don't sleep with him too fast. I think a gentleman shouldn't try on the first date, and experience has taught me that those who do tend to not be looking for a relationship or the relationship type. If he were, he would not want to risk coming across as too pushy. However, there are always exceptions, and sometimes guys just get sucked into the heat of the moment like we can when he's very interested in someone.

    If you really like him there's no harm in going on a second date, just be watchful of how he acts and treats you.

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