Is this a good idea or not?

simple question. there's a guy I've been talking to a little that I met almost two months ago, it's just casual but I like him and he asked me for my number and we've talked a few times. I want to get things going a little more though. he's in a band that's playing this weekend and I want to text him saying good luck and that I'm sure it'll be awesome. good idea or no?


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  • Definitely a good idea, what could go wrong? The only thing in your way is you. If you don't take chances you will miss out in a great many opportunities.

  • Yeah it's a good idea. It's great to be forward about what you want. If you really want to be with him, see if he'll go on a date.

  • I hope you decided to text him

    Did anything ever happen between you two?

    • I did, it went well I think and we actually hung out with friends a few nights ago, and my friends were telling me that he was flirting a lot with me. but he never really texts me much, maybe like twice since he got it. I'm thinking it might just be best to give up =/

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    • I wouldn't give up yet... you admit you're negative and your friends say he was flirting... I think it is worth it to keep trying a little longer if you really like him.

    • alright I hope you're right, thanks for the insight :)

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