Ladies, when asked out, in what way are you more likely to say yes?

I am not talking about over the phone or in person etc. But what the guy says and how he approaches asking for the date. Is being direct about it better or leading into it as if it was a natuaral part of the conversation or anything else? Also assuming you said maybe and meant maybe anything in particular that might be more likely to make you say yes? I guess guys you can answer this as well from experience...


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  • watch The Notebook! noah asks out allie in the cutest way aha

    no but like I think you should flirt w a girl at first then see if she sends you signals back. if she does, then casually talk to her. ask her how her day was. blah blah blah. key: make her laugh! then after the laughter dies out, look into her eyes and say "would you by any chance like to go on a date with me?"

    if she says maybe, then yeah watch the notebook again lol...not the entire movie. like the first half hour

  • While guys can be so straight forward and direct about most things, I always find it funny that they *think* they are directly asking us out when, in fact, they often camouflage an invitation in some sort of work/school activity, a common interest project, etc. I have yet to be "asked out" just for the sake of my company.


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