Long story summed up! Why isn't she responding?

Met this girl on an online dating site. Talked for over a week online with big messages/lots of detail so we knew each other pretty well. Went on date, ended back at my dorm, she made the first move to start making out, she started feeling around, then she gave me a bj. I asked if she wanted to stay or if she wanted to go and she decided to stay. We talked for a few more hours and cuddled the whole night. Like we were hugging, she was rubbing my back, she would randomly kiss me, our faces were together and we were always smiling, and we were almost always holding hands. Morning comes around and she has to leave early in the morning so I walk her to her car and she reaches over to hold hands and we interlock fingers, and when we say goodbye we kiss for a while. Then I text her after and a couple of her responses were "I had a lot of fun last night as well it was great" and when I said we should go out again soon when we find the time, she said "Yes definitely! I'd like that".

But I left my phone at home over the weekend so I went on the dating and messaged her to tell her that and ask how her weekend was but she's been online twice since I've sent the message and hasn't responded. What is going on? It really seems like she had a great time and enjoyed being with me. When were talking before the date she also said how I'm awesome. But no response here is making me really worried. What do you think is going on? Would she do all those things if she didn't want to talk anymore? Maybe she hasn't seen it but odds are she has, right? ughhhhh


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  • Perhaps she didn't read her messages (although she wasn't online).

    I know this looks bad but I wouldn't assume anything just yet.

    Try getting your phone back, and calling her.

    If she avoids your calls...then it could be

    that she had a change of heart (for whatever the reason may be).

    If she avoids you...then you have no choice but to move on.

    • I'll get my phone on Thursday. I just don't know why she would all of a sudden change like that. Hopefully she just didn't see the message and I'm worrying for nothing, because I just don't see how a girl can give a bj, cuddle the whole night, want to hold hands, and kiss goodbye if she didn't want to see me again :/

    • I know what you mean!

      <3 gl

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  • How about you just ask her what's going on?

    • Because she didn't respond to me online and I don't have my phone with me...

    • Yeah I mean she doesn't like you. Sorry.

  • You don't mention if there were any missed text messages on your phone, but Ill assume that there were. She is probably mad and may not egen believe you about not having your phone. Its hard to grasp but leaving a cell phone behind in this day and age is an oddity. I would continue to try and contact her and trying to let her know you are very interested but really didn't have your phone. One or two phone calls and two to three texts spread out over the day should break her and get her back in touch with you fairly quickly... Just don't come off as desperate.

    • I just got my phone back this morning and there were no missed calls/texts from her. So it's not that she's mad, what else could it be?

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    • Yea sorry if I misunderstood, but glad to hear you got a response!

    • Well she responded and I responded to her while she was online but she got offline without replying. So I'm just a little confused haha. Just don't know what's going on for sure but I'm just going to let things happen :) not gonna worry!

  • In my opinion, you asking her what is going on is really too forward and pushy. I think you just need to focus on something else other than this girl right now - do something to take your mind off her. You just have to wait and see. No one can say why she isn't replying... Trust in the fact that if she likes you (like you like her), then she will call!

    • Have you ever heard of a girl who has done all that this girl did with me, but then stops talking to the guy? Like does that even make sense? I do really like her and want to see where things can go so I'd hate to see us stop talking...

  • I think you need to wait it out a little longer. Don't send her anymore messages and wait to see if she comes to you. You have laid it out there so please just wait. Sending her any more messages will send her the wrong message - that you are clingy and needy. Pull back, relax and go hang out with the guys. Leave your phone at home on purpose. If she calls, great! If not, move on.


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  • I think she was moving much faster than you, and has decided that you are not really the guy for her. You seem to be content to move way too slowly, and don't seem that keen on initiating.

    For you, lying in bed holding hands seems to been enough, when it seems clear to me that she wanted sex.

    • No, she said she didn't want sex yet. But she gave me a bj instead...

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    • We had talked a lot online first and I told her that I'll go at what pace she wanted. It's hard to tell when you meet a girl online what they are like so I didn't want to force anything on her. She's not pin to stop talking to me because I let her set the boundaries the first time we met.

    • And she did mean it. Trust me on that. I guarantee she didn't want real sex.

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