Embarrassing first date!!

Ok so me and this guy had been texting for a few weeks he works really long hours etc and lives about an hour away from me so finally we organized to meet up on the weekend to go out for tea... first off... we both turned up at the wrong places ha ha somehow got them mixed up... had a good tea overall and conversation was alright... he seemed a little nervous but was pretty good... he offered to pay at the end but I was like no no don't worry and went to pay but then my card was declined! I was so embarrassed! Turns out I was only a few dollars short so he ended up paying anyway... I'm a uni student and only work here and there hence why I didn't have a heap in my bank account... Anyways was very embarrassing... He was nice about it though... And we have texted since...

Guys what would you think of a girl after going on a date like that?

Oh and I was coughing the whole time because I was sick!


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  • I'm sure you have nothing to worry about; I've had far more traumatic dates than that.

    Two observations:

    1) If the guy offers to pay, let him pay, especially if it's the first date -- unless, of course, you know the chances of another date with him are zero. In my experience, if a woman offers to pay, I'm dead in the water because she feels guilty about letting me pay for a date when she knows she's not interested.

    2) When a woman shows up to a date under the weather, that's a positive sign. It means she's really interested. She could have cancelled because of being sick, but she showed up. Only interested women do that.

    • Well yes I was definitely interested ha ha Was just a bit embarrising with my card not going through. Thanks for the reply! xx

  • I would think it was so cute you tried to pay. I don't think you have a reason to be embarrased.


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