Why am I scared to talk to him on the phone

I know that a guy friend is supposed to call me today , my friend gave him my number , I have to help him with something and now I don't know why every time my phone rings I think it's him and my heart starts racing. In the past when we didn't know each other that well I was nervous when talking to him etc. but that was almost 2 years ago and now we see each other at least once a month and I have no problem talking to him live...


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  • Are you me? lol I have same feelings for someone. I guess you like him.

    • He means a lot to me , but I see him only as a friend , or maybe that's what I keep telling my self this past 2 years...

    • Honey don't deceive yourself.

      You don't see him only as a friend. There's more inside you.

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