What are some other things I could do then French kissing when making out?

I am inexperienced, and I don't know other things to do then French kiss when we make out. I don't know when to move it to second base, and I know I am not ready for sex just yet. I am just a little scared honestly because she isn't a virgin, and I am. I just want to give her the best. So, what are some other things I could between kissing and second base? When do you all think it is appropriate to move to second base with a girl you respect fully? And for when I am ready, when do you all think sex is appropriate to have, or even bring up with a girl you respect?


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  • Hand placement and movement adds something and works as a gauge as to get to the next "base".

    Talking about it depends on how long you've known her, first date it usually too soon. But lets face it everyone talks it, thinks about it, does it, its not really a taboo so don't feel awkward about it, just be honest with her when you are talking about it and if you really want to get to the next level, whatever that is, don't always worry about is it too soon, or asking her if you can, as long as you behave yourself and don't act like a rapist, try something when you're ready and you'll either be brushed off, at which point you'll know to stop that or you'll be given a pass to continue.

    Good luck sporto

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