Am I "just the rebound guy"?....

Met a wonderful girl at a bar, one night stand, turned into a relationship despite my past beliefs of 'the odds/rules ' and that "it would never be a quality person you meet at a bar".

Found out she hadn't had many relationships prior and just got out of one (8months long, her only true 'bf' as others only lasted 3 months...) a week before meeting me since he cheated on her.

We've got a title now and are exclusive after a month, I can't pinpoint exactly why, but there's something about her that I just love. Something so sweet about her, and I enjoy every minute I spend with her, getting to know who she is... I can't stop thinking of her and enjoy just being with her. I've met her family and friends but since I haven't had a relationship in 4 years I am worried about being 'just a rebound guy' since I really like her.(and since I am not a relationship expert either)... What do I do? What are the odds of just being her rebounder? It feels amazing being around her and I'd do anything for her, but need to protect myself...


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  • i can't say that you are not the rebound guy - but she will observe you and how you react - from now on I just think you should focus on treat her better and not fall for the same mistake just like her ex did to her - I'm sure she got bad experience if you really liked her you have to understand she might b paranoid about that and just be patient and be a better man and proof her wrong. if you see she seems not being serious then you didn't really lose anything right - as you mention at the very beginning - it was a one night stand.

  • Well I guess it's a possibility if her and her ex just broke up before you met.. a week isn't a long time at all. Especially if he cheated on her, it sounds like the one night stand thing might just have been her way at getting back at him. But, if it's been a month and she's still around and her feelings seem genuine, I'd say give her a chance. It's really hard to say, I'm sorry I couldn't help more. Good luck.


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