What would you do in this situation? Please read

Ive been seeing this guy romatically for about 2 weeks, we have worked together for 5 years. we really have clicked good and get along great together and have a lot of fun. Id like to be his girl and he wants to be my man. The problem is, he wants to have a family, children, and I do not. I am 41 and really have no desire to have a child this late in life.

I think I am falling for him and vice versa. I told him up front I do not want kids and he is adamant on having them. so...

DO I break it off with him now, before I get too deep into this and possibly get hurt? Or do I continue to be with him and he might eventually find someone to have kids with and leave me? I told him I would understand, I just need some advice what someone would do in this situation. thanks


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  • I understand ... it's sort of like falling in love with a mermaid. Obviously you have discussed it and he should know that 40 something is not a good candidate for child birth. Regardless, you have made up your mind.

    You need to make sure he understands your position clearly, and tell him respectfully that it isn't going to change. It will be for him to decide how to proceed =(


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