Gift ideas? What would you give your man? Men, what would you like?

I know many say "what matters is the thought"

Alright so my relationship with my boyfriend has been the best and I am so proud for staying together for each other even when it was rocky and what not. I love my boy and everything he does is just amazing. Well I am proud of our relationship and this May 8 will be a year for us. We will go out and eat and watch a movie. I just can't figure out what to give him. I have gone from a watch, shoes, a jersy from his favorite athelete. Girls do you have any good ideas? What would you do for this special guy and event in your life? Guys... please read this and give me some good advice. My guys is very athletic, loves music, has an inner child which is crazy. Very fun and loving. In the end only I will be the one to choose but I am going nuts, jsut any other ideas I have not thought about yet.


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  • Backrub!

    Use one of those fragrant girlie lotions/oils too. Him sensing your feminity will enhance the experience. :)


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  • My guy's birthday is in a couple of months, and I've been trying to get ideas too!

    I don't want anything too cheesy, but I do want something thoughtful. I just can't figure it out. :/ Good luck to us both! haha

    • I know... I'm about going crazy here. I must figure it out by the end of the week.

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    • That reminds me I got his heart because I baked him a cake and cupcakes most of the time. So maybe I will do somthing like that too. I finally thought about something. I gonna get him some nice shades and a bunch of mixed candy and a letter.

    • That'll be good! Nice shades are always nice! :P I know all of my guy's interest & such, but I feel like when it comes to things you can buy, if he wanted it he would buy it for himself. (He doesn't want much!), so that makes it hard.