Opinons on dating more than one person at the same time?

I'm talking about going on dates with more than one guy. I'm doing that lately. Sure they don't know about the other, but I have already told them all I'm not looking for anything serious. I'm waiting for a cute hipster or musician. In the meantime, I just go out with them. They pay for my meal and movies and concerts. Is that bad if I told them I just want to get to know them better first, but they insist on taking me out anyway?


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  • You should NOT be going out with people just to "go out and let them pay for my stuff". If you are going out with someone on a date, it should be to find someone that you want to have a relationship with, otherwise you're just using them for their cash.

    • They offered though.

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    • Oh I'm sorry. Ya it was phrased wrong. No I tell them I just want to be friends, but they still want to date me regardless. I feel kinda guilty about it because I have made things clear but maybe they do still in the back of their mind think that I'll have sex with them. Who knows.

    • If they want to keep trying to get in a relationship when you say no, let them keep trying,

      1) they'll learn how to accept kind rejection from you

      2) it's their own fault for spending money on you =3

      3) they aren't going to be torn apart, like how a lot of other girls would do to them.

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  • I agree with both of the comments. I think it is OK to see more than one person at a time - as long as you are genuinely interested in finding out who is just right for you and could see yourself actually having a future with.

    Using guys for a free meal, with basically zero interest, and no belief of having something serious with them at some point is just straight grimey to be honest. Very disrespectful and an overall terrible idea.

    If you're NOT interested in them at all and have no interest and trying to be together or something at some point.. that's just wrong. You're basically using them for free stuff? Horrible. Have some respect for them and just tell them no.

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  • I don't approve anything of this.

    The first reason is that I don't want to be only "a second option" and I certainly don't want to "share" the girl I'm dating with someone else... with anyone else!

    The second reason is that you're leeching the money of those guys you're dating while at the same time not being interested in them. Yes, they offered but you should turn them down anyway.

    Still it's partially their own fault - thinking that by buying things they can charm a woman, and especially - tolerating when a woman mistreats them such way...

    • How am I mistreating them? I'm still nice to them. I don't call them ugly or mean names. I tell them I'm not interested in more than a friendship and don't want sex. If they offer to take me out on a date when I said I just wanted to be friends is their own fault.

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    • Cuz I said FRIENDS we're just friends. Friends spend money on friends. I've done it before. I do get it. You don't. Ephantom seems to get it. If you read my other statements you might understand.

    • Friends? You just said "DATING on the title and your own question"

      Where do "friends" even appear there?

      They don't. They just appear in your head, justifying the way you act.

  • Wow you don't realize what your doing? Are you that retarded? Your using these guys... even if you say you just want to be friends. You should be declining there offers. Get a grip of yourself lady

    Would you like it if guys did that to you?

    • If the understanding was that we were friends and I offered to pay for them and knew they wanted nothing more then I'd be fine with it.

  • I think you should let them know that you're seeing other people before you let them spend their money on you...


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