What should you NOT do on a first date?

I'd love to know so I can make a first date easier for myself.


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  • be improper (don't say sexual things, don't fart or burp or pick your nose or anything)

    flirt too intensely, as in don't be overly touchy or sexual unless she starts touching you.

    expect her to pay or let her if she offers.

    spend too many hours together.

    try to go to her place or yours.

    ask her for a second date on the spot. if you want to see her again, call her. she may not know

    also, please call her within 3 days. in my opinion it is best to wait one or two days and then call. my guy just waited 3, if he had waited longer I would have been turned off

    if you really don't know each other well yet, I wouldn't recommend trying to kiss her.

    here's some other tips.

    do things like hold doors, pull out her chair.

    ask her a lot about herself.

    make eye contact and smile.

    don't gape at her sexual body parts.

    flatter her in a discreet manner. say something like "you look pretty". don't say hot or sexy on a first date.

    also, please contact her after the date. if you don't want to see her again, it would be much nicer of you to say "hey I had a good time with you but... (I thought about it and I don't see us going anywhere, hope to see you around OR I don't think we are looking for the same thing) a lot of guys only call or text if they are interested, and either way rejection sucks but not hearing back is really annoying. Or, if you want to keep it open, tell her you hope to see her around sometime but don't ask for a date on the spot.

    Hope I helped. Dating kind of sucks because it is confusing and filled with anticipation.


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  • Get on your phone, talk too little or talk too much.

  • *fart



    * be loud/too quiet

    *lie... you never know if that date will turn into a relationship


    * have body odor and bad breath

    *be someone you are not

    list goes on and on

    • i agree with " no lie " ^^

    • Yeah..most girls never lie on the first date...ha ha ha.. They just tell the guy they had a fun time and want to see them again. The guy never hears from her again..then gets on here..for an explanation why she said what she did.

    • this is for anyone not just for guys

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  • Good question. Don't talk about the future (future with her). Don't talk about sex...(a given). Don't be late. Don't walk in front of her(unless you're about to open the door for her). Don't walk down the sidewalk with her on the outside (near the curb). No touching...even if she touches you. Don't talk too much. Try to get her to do 75% of the talking. Smile don't frown. Look at her in the eye when you're talking to her..and she's talking. Don't look at other women. Don't talk about serious (heavy) subjects...religion...politics.. past relationships.etc. Don't give too many compliments (two max) One when you first see her. The 2nd when you're thanking her for the fun time at her door. No kissing. No going into her house. Don't have a dirty car..inside and out. Dress very nice...try to dress better than any other guy at the resturant etc. Don't wear your grass stained shoes. Don't put on too much cologne. Don't drive recklessly. Don't go into great detail about yourself. Don't tell her how you feel about her...or that you'd like to go out again..or that you will call her. At the end..just thank her for the fun time..smile..and walk away. If you don't see her regularly. Don't call or text her for 5 days. If you do these things..you will be far ahead of 90% of the other guys she has met or will meet.