What do different types of kisses mean from guys? We've been going out 9 months?

A kiss on the cheek, forehead, neck, eskimo, nose, etc. What does it mean when your boyfriend brushes the hair out of your face than kisses you and just holds you and doesn't let go. ps. he's a bootie face, he wouldn't let me see his phone, is that weird? he use to always..


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  • I don't really think it matters to much where your boyfriend is kissing you, it's all a display of his love for you. But the fact that he hides his phone from you is suspicious... When did he start hiding his phone from you? Was there any other change in behavior that happened around the same time?

    • ehh not like before that but a little bit after that, and the thing is he had my phone when I wanted his. It seems like he's hiding something cause its weird how he would give me his Facebook login outta the blue and won't let me see his phone lol

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