What would you think if...?

If a good friend of yours, who you previously fancied, suggested you two "dating" (pretty much being a couple) for two weeks in the holidays, and then after things would go back to normal?

What would you think if someone said this to you? You're both single and have no one in mind that anything could happen with. Would you agree to it? Do you think this inevitably would become complicated?


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  • Either he likes you, and is trying to give you a graceful way to back out of a relationship with him if it doesn't work out. Or he may be interested in some sort of FWB type of thing. If he wants a relationship, the two of you need to give it a real go, or don't date at all. If he wants to be FWB or a NSA relationship, then that is a definite no. Someone almost always gets hurt when that happens. Normally it is the girl who gets hurt.

    • What's a NSA relationship? (I'm not great with abreviatations haha) This isn't actually something I have been asked, sort of more something I have heard. But I think you're advice is still really good and applicable. So do you think someone should be slightly offended if someone asked them this then?

    • NSA means No Strings Attached. Basically it means that you have sex with no commitment to each other afterward. I would be careful about that, because people get hurt that way all the time. Should you be offended? You will need to ask him exactly what he meant. As long as he is being honest about what kind of relationship he wants, then he hasn't done anything wrong. It is for you to figure out what he meant, and decide if you want the same thing, or if the idea is offensive to you.

    • Like I said, this isn't exactly something I have been asked, but the context is a little complicated. Yeah I can see how no commitment thing could hurt people badly. Personally, I don't think I would be offended by this because it's sort of like a trial? And it is asking for a guarentee of sex of anything, so isn't just physical, but then I can see that something emotional is even more likely to hurt someone

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  • Yeah if I liked him I would