Is there something wrong with me?

First crush lasted all of first semester up to March, when I asked him out, but he had a girlfriend.

Second crush was recent, like three weeks back, we never spoke but I saw him holding hands with a girl.

Third crush is this boy I've seen looking at me and I've just started being interested since yesterday when I saw him.

Now, all of my crush's have looked at me first and we played eye tag and all of them were strangers. I've never had a crush on a guy I even know!

What's wrong with me? Is there a way to stop this?


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  • Are you wanting to stop guys from looking at you, or stop feeling for guys? Because I'm guessing you're wanting to stop the crushes on strangers. If that's the case, when you look at a guy, and think you have a crush on him, go talk to him, and get to know him.

    I'd have to know get to know your question better to be of better help.

    • Can you give me advice for talking to guys? I mean, saying they're total strangers in the halls and not in any classes with me. What do I even talk about besides their name and what grade they're in that wouldn't be too random?

    • Well, getting to know them is key. You do have to ask them for their names, and ask them what's their favorite classes. Remember everyone likes to talk about themselves. Look and see if they have something on them like a camera, or music sheet's, or even something from some sports. Then you can ask them about that too. You're welcome to add me as a friend, and try things out, and I can try to help coach you on it.

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