Why does it seem like a lot of Latina women don't date white guys?

is there a reason or stereotype within the Hispanic community that might influence Hispanic women to not date white men?


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  • I've been currently dating a latina woman. She seemed more than happy to date me and I'm white. The bad thing about the entire situation was that she really was always questioning what I was doing. She didn't believe me when I told her I was going to see my family. She liked to leave evidence at my apartment to show that she had been there.

    (just in case another woman was there)

    and the worst part... she liked to bite me to leave marks and... the following is not a lie... she literally sucked my c*ck until it was purple. and it stayed that way for a few days! I am not even kidding... why did she do that? just in case some other girl went down there... that's what I feel.

    I'm not the type of guy to cheat on a girl, but I don't like being treated that way. it's creepy... really creepy like there is no trust what so ever.

    • I don't mind the biting and sucking part; I like kinkiness like that

    • Yeah but when you realize someone is trying to leave marks as a sign to mark their territory? I don't know to me that is a little ridiculous... I mean what if I went over to her house and like a dog pissed on her bed.. that way all other men knew I had been there. I don't know seems a little possessive to me... especially since we weren't exclusive.

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  • ...well none of my Hispanic family dates white people because...white people where I'm from give themselves a bad reputation...most Hispanics date their own race

    • I'm not hispanic but from my friends that are they pretty much say the same thing that you just did.

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  • I don't know about that. I dated a latina and I'm a white guy. We had a very good relationship and I really enjoyed spending time with her and her family. They/she were from Peru. I don't know if that's relevant to your question, if you are asking about all latinas, or just from a certain area. Most of her latina girlfriends were also dating guys outside of their race, this was in California too though. *shrugs shoulders*

  • yes I've dealt with that too when I've liked a hispanic women she wouldn't go out with me because I was white

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