Would you take out slow with a girl you really like?

If you had a good feeling about a girl would you want to take it slow and see her in moderation because you don't want to risk a good thing? On your foray date you'd be very respectful and try and stay with her as long as you can?

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  • They would if they're genuinely respect you and cares about you, and want to take it to the next level. They would rush you, If they only want to get in your pants; such guys are not a keeper.

    • I sure hope so, thanks for your response.

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  • Most guys I've noticed tend to move quickly in the very beginning but then once things hit a certain point of "seriousness" I guess you could call it they like to slow it down a bit. There are exceptions, though. Personally I'm a fan of just letting whatever happens, happen.

    • I feel the same...just wishful thinking :)

  • I'll admit, I would take things slow. You don't want to rush things that could end up making things worst.

    For instance, I hate it when people put those warehouse or distributor stickers on my novels...right on the pages themselves too! I slowly peel the label off because if I peel to quickly, the pages rip.

    • Lol ya, you should do the same with your belly button lint.

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