Should I tell her how I feel?

I've going out with this girl for the last months , I wasn't anything serious but the thing is that I really like her, at first her friends told me that she didn't wanted anything, but then she changed her mind and she started asking me out, we were having a really good time, and I was ready to tell her how I felt, but now for the past few weeks she's been distant, we still speak and stuff but I feel its different, and to make it worse I think she is falling for another guy (maybe its just that I'm jealous), should I tell her now how I fell about her? I think she got tired of waiting for me to do something .. what should I do (sorry for my bad English)


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  • Snap her up while you can, don't let another guy get her (although being competitive I think is really stupid) but you need to find out now what is in store for the two of you or else she is going to move on definitely go out with another guy.

    • do you think that I should tell her even thou things are weird between us?, just to let her know and see what happens?

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    • Thanks for choose my answer as the best answer :) glad I helped you, let me know how things go :) good luck <3

    • i think i?ll man up and tell her, like you said its all about taking chances

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  • Tell her how you feel before it's too late and she DOES fall for another guy.


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