Is he interested or just nice?

so there is this guy I have been talking too, he is really shy and we have gone out one time. He just got a new phone and a new number and he texted me saying "guess who" I said I don't know can you tell me, he texted back and told me who it was...after that we just texted for a while and I said: I am glad you texted me :) I like talking to you.

after that I didn't get a response, is it just because he is shy or do you think he just isn't interested and he is trying to be nice to me?

20 minutes later he answered saying I am a fun person to talk to and hang out with and he said I should come visit him sometime... I am thinking he is interested, but I don't want to be too foreward or assume too much
aww he said after he moved in I am the first person he will call... so I think I know he wants to be more than friends 4 sure.


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  • He's probably wary of the times you held back... but that's just natural, the things you have to work out before love fully blooms.

    • I just feel like I make him nervous a lot... this is the first time he has actually gone out of his way to talk to me and he is being really sweet now.and I don't know if I would say love just yet lol

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