Guys I gave a guy my number and he gave me his should I call?

Usually whenever I call I bore guys right away lol... and I just haven't had any luck this guy seems nice though but I'm not gonna jump into anything is it better for me to call him

or should I wait for him to call me? he's kinda a shy dude but.. in a couple of days do you think he'll call?

Thanks all of you guys are really nice :)! I'm not gonna call him I guess, even though I kinda am tempted to I'm gonna try my hardest not to :D thanks!


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  • Naw I gave a friend some advice on this just a few months ago. He was also shy and nice and all or so she though. She wanted to call him I told her no because she would seem desperate. She didn't listen to me and took everyone else advice to call him. It was a mistake because it did make her look desperate. Dude texted her after she called him that night and basically said he wanted ass before he went home. She was lucky to se that the guy was a jerk that fast and didn't drag it out. Guys will call if they are really interested


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  • Wait for him to call.. You won't want a guy to think you are too desperate. If he doesn't call after a few days. You can try to send him a short, friendly text and see how he respinds. :)

  • Don't call. If he wants you he'll make the effort. I've just recently learned this the hard way. Don;t call, you'll seem desperate and easy to use then and that's all he'll do. Use you